Textile Art Workshops

With extensive experience of facilitating festival and community creative arts workshops, and Inclusive Arts Leadership qualified, Just Sewn Stories is committed to providing opportunities to all, regardless of age, background or ability.

Workshops are available to community groups, individuals and festivals. Just Sewn Stories has worked with NHS organisation Devon Recovery Learning CommunityOrganic Arts near Exeter,  Libraries Unlimited, local independent arts charity Tavistock Scrapstore and mental health charity Make a Difference. 

Just Sewn Stories has also provided workshops at festivals across the South West including Beautiful DaysEnd of the RoadGlas-DenburyPort EliotSidmouth Folk Festival and WOMAD. 


Our workshops provide an inclusive social environment, demonstrating that art and creativity is achievable to all. They boost self-esteem, confidence and a sense of purpose. They enhance well-being and stimulate conversation.

Just Sewn Stories workshops ignite the imagination. They give individuals time and space to slow down and to consider and inspire change in themselves and their communities.

Workshops can be tailored to meet the requirements of the community or event. 

Sessions can involve participants learning new, or rediscovering old, sewing skills whilst making an item, such as the popular drop-in festival flag making workshops. 

Alternatively, sessions can explore textiles and the process of creativity to produce an individual piece of artwork in response to an idea or experience, as in the Craft in Mind series of workshops.

Using textiles in a variety of fun ways, the primary focus of Just Sewn Stories’ physical workshops lies in the use of our collection of eco-friendly hand sewing machines. 

Using equipment that doesn’t depend on electricity means workshops are highly adaptable and can be held anywhere, from a classroom or village hall to a tent in the middle of a field.

Please get in touch to find out more about booking a workshop.

Covid safety measure are observed in all in-person workshops.