Everyone has a story; every moment leads to another – sometimes we know where that path will lead and can proceed with confidence, more often we can only see with hindsight how our many paths through life have led to our moment now; an intricate web of happenings that seem to have no relevance suddenly become intrinsically bound and our story starts to make sense. The places we go, the people we meet, the things we collect, are all part of our personal story.

Everything has a story; everything we create, use, see…each has a story about how it came to be. If we know the stories of what we are buying , we realise that we can make a difference, even as individuals. When we make a decision not to buy something because of its dubious credentials – we are making a difference. And we have the power as individuals to have an effect on the continuing story of the items that surround us. When you have finished with something your part in its story hasn’t finished – what happens next is down to you, whether it is thrown away, is stored for the future, is recycled or re-purposed.

My story has led me to create original products from textiles. They are all designed and handmade by me, using recycled and/or carefully sourced new fabrics. I take advantage of the natural textures and patterns in the fabrics to enhance my creations. Many of my pieces are exclusive one-off designs. Others are made in very small numbers with slight variations from item to item.